Some of their services are :



Prevents unauthorized access, leakage / damage to information. Reduces the risk of human error, theft, fraud, misuse of infrastructure. Zero-hour threat detection and alerts with username available. Unique feature is Identity-based policies. Authentication is based on User’s name, IP Address, MAC ID and Session Id. User Identity based approach helps IT Managers /CIO’s control who is doing what in network and create policies based on user even in case of dynamic IP.



Mobile and remote workers need connections to the Internet and to their corporate networks. Partner, Customer and Supplier access only necessary applications and resources. Enable IPSec or SSL VPN access using 128 K bit encryption and User ID + password access. Monitor user log-on activity including username, MAC address, IP address of endpoint.

Intrusion Prevention System


Define Identity-based IPS policies per user or group. Get Identity-based alerts and reports. This gives visibility into application usage by User, Source, Destination. Also gives overview of threat status in the form of Top alerts, top attackers, top victims. Security cover by 3500+ signatures. Multiple IPS policies possible.

Bandwidth Management


Configure policies of different bandwidth to each user depending on department and requirement. Multi-Link Management (Fail over) option available. Automated Load balancing of for more than 2 ISP links. Transfer traffic from a failed link to a working link. Wireless WAN (3G USB modems, Wimax) also supported.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware


Anti-Spam with IP Reputation Filtering. Blocks 85% of incoming messages at gateway saving bandwidth. Scans SMTP, POP3, IMAP traffic. Near 98% spam detection. False Positive rate of 1 in a million reduces fear of losing business emails.
Anti-Malware with 4 million+ signatures. Bi-directional scanning of web & email done. Scans HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, HTTPS, IMAP and Instant Messenger traffic. Identity-based virus reports give instant visibility into attacker/victim.