1. Dual last mile solution

Leading engineering MNC at Nerul

This customer office is in Nerul MIDC. They had two Internet leased lines used as primary and backup. Both links were terminated on router. Customer had to pay full charges for both Leased Lines. Both links had different IP addresses. Both IP addresses need to be configured in Global HO for VPN. Customer had to manually switch to backup when primary went down. They also needed to restore to primary when it came up. Customer had to interact with both ISPs as separate vendors for billing as well as customer service. Customer was finding this to be very inconvenient.

Customer knew Archi Internet Solutions from earlier organisation and called us for a solution. We checked the feasibility on Tata Communications and Tata Teleservices network. We proposed hot backup with dual last mile solution. Customer took primary link on fiber last mail of Tata Comm. Fiber was pulled specially for them. In addition, we gave hot standby on Tata Tele last mile.

Customer saved his budget as Hot standby is cheaper since it will not be used unless primary link is down. There is only one IP address as both links are from one ISP. Also fail over is automatic. Customer service and billing became single point of contact. In one shot Archi Internet Solutions had given multiple benefits to customer.


2. Change of last mile from copper to fiber

Leading International manufacturing company had its office near Vashi station. They were using 2 Mbps Internet Leased Line on copper last mile. This bandwidth was falling short for their use. It was however not advisable to upgrade bandwidth beyond 2 Mbps on copper.

Customer shared requirement with Archi Internet Solutions. We checked the feasibility on fiber optic last mile. Capex was involved for connecting customer office on fiber and for Multiplexer (Mux) required. Tata management approved to upgrade bandwidth and change the last mile to fiber. Parallel new last mile was laid into customer’s server room. Mux with battery backup was installed and fiber was terminated on it. Original copper link was cutover to new link on fiber with prior downtime.

Fiber last mile has inbuilt ring topology for higher uptime. Customer now has lower latency due to fiber last mile. Also they can upgrade up to 155 Mbps without any change in last mile. Archi Internet Solutions had leveraged its experience and Tata network reach to give best solution for customer.


3. Cost benefit out of jeopardy case

The customer has its HO at Sion and warehouse at Bhiwandi. Archi Internet was supporting Internet leased lines from Tata Comm at both these locations. Customer opened a new warehouse in Bhiwandi. This was going to be their back office for accounts and would connect to the Tally server in HO. They would need a high speed link here. Bhiwandi had very few ISPs feasible.

Archi Internet gave them the best quote after checking feasibility on Tata Comm last mile. While the office was getting ready however the site from where Tata Comm would be giving the link was rolled back. Re-feasibility was initiated. No other BTS was in Line of sight. Third party last mile was expensive and heavy tower charges were involved. This was the rarest occurance and customer’s link delivery went on hold. Customer took local ISP but was unable to connect to HO due to repeated outages. All staff at new office had to move to other sites.

On detailed analysis, it was found that the new warehouse was close to the old warehouse. Archi Internet proposed customer to try extending LAN from old warehouse to new one. If so, customer could upgrade the link at old warehouse. Upgrading link would be faster. It would also be cheaper than a new link at second warehouse. This made the solution more cost effective for customer.


4. Connected Pune location where no network

Customer was using Mumbai – Los Angeles MPLS VPN and Internet Leased Line and was happy with Tata Comm support. They built a new building at Hinjewadi Phase III, Pune. They wanted to connect this office to their MPLS VPN network. They also needed Internet Leased Line.

Customer invited quotes from all ISPs. There were very few companies in Hinjewadi Phase III area. Any ISP would need to do trenching to lay fiber optic network. Capex for ISPs was very high due to Right of way charges involved. No ISP even BSNL network had reached here yet. Customer got quote for wireless last mile but they were keen for fiber optic network.

As preferred vendor, Archi Internet Solutions took up the challenge. We took advantage of ongoing “Campaign Connected” from Tata management. This got us approval to absorb capex and connect Pune premises on fiber optic last mile for Internet. Now location became feasible and we got approval for connecting site as MPLS VPN spoke also. Customer wanted to take voice lines from diverse telco. Due to absence of any other telco however, we only gave them voice lines solution also.


5. Bandwidth conservation and fail over

This company is engaged in manufacture and marketing of FMCG household goods. They have offices across India with HO in Thane. The staff strength at HO was more than 150. Local and remote users would access Mail and Tally Servers in HO all the time. HO had two Internet links from different ISPs. Users would access social media sites so the links were falling short of required throughtput. Customer has a R & D plant in Navi Mumbai. New formulations would be tested here and chemical composition of products was stored in this branch. There had been cases of formulations getting leaked in the market.

Archi Internet suggested them to go for UTM (Unified Threat Management) device from Cyberoam. After proper sizing, different models were recommended at HO and R&D plant. This would protect customer LAN from external threats virus, spyware and hacking attempts. Social Media and chat applications could be blocked using content filtering. User level application control and traffic identification was possible even with dynamic IP. Archi enabled a Proof of concept for customer to see the benefit of the device.

Automatic failover between primary and backup link was configured. Device also had option for failover to 3G dongle. Real time reports feature gave details of users activity including time of access, username, MAC address, application and bandwidth used. Password controlled WiFi access allowed guest users under separate policy. Customer found it so effective that they took one more device for factory at Baddi.